Sep 3, 2017

Senior HR manager and a top notch resume writer. AMA!

I'm Mark Fershteyn, the Director of Admissions at App Academy, the leading coding bootcamp in SF & NYC. We help you to become a software developer in only 3 months. AMA!

Does serving on a company's Board sound exciting (and financially rewarding)? It is! But how do you land those coveted positions??? AMA #heretohelp #askAlexander

Oct 20, 2017

Help us realize this health-based initiative. ASK ME ANYTHING

Pitch your comic to dozens of publishers at the same time with ! AMA about developing & pitching comics with editor, Mike Schneider

My name is Antoine. I've founded an Esports start-up currently incubated in the center of Paris. Ask me Anything !

Hello, my name is Denys. I'm student and Indie developer. Now I'm collecting money for my project. AMA

Ask Me Anything about Wallet - For all table top games [Crowd funding for Mobile Application ]

Jan 3, 2018

I'm a 19 year old student and entrepreneur. My company, ProAir, is based around a revolutionary new action camera accessory. I'm currently running a crowdfunding campaign to bring the product to market. AMA!

Ask me anything about - Startup Planning | How to startup? | Startup Execution etc. I am Chief Startup Mentor at #StartupwithMeticulous.

I Made Up A Fake Venture Capital Firm and You Can Too! AMA about Startups, Sexism In Silicon Valley, and anything funny!

Science news is a game of telephone. We think you should get science Straight from a Scientist! I've started a podcast to do just that. I'm a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill researching GABAergic networks in Alzheimer's Disease. AMA!

We built the world's first conversational marketing platform... and now anyone can build bots or integrations for sales or marketing on it. Ask us anything.

AMA about Equestrian Clothing and the technology behind it moving into 2018? Manufacture talk welcome...

Secure-N-Hand The Glove That Can Save Lives! Now On Kickstarter! Ask Me Anything

Sending One Email a Day has taken my small Barcelona company from $0 to $70K monthly recurring revenue and global recognition. I'm Gerard. Ask Me Anything!

Jan 9, 2018

Now turn every Conversation into Conversion by AI powered Chatbot for your business! Ask me anything

Jan 16, 2018

I'm a Front-End Engineer and creator of things, ask me anything about coding, design and metal music!

I'm an animator, concept artist and comics illustrator from South Africa, I currently have a webcomic series running on Webtoons and Patreon which I started recently called Divinus Machina, go ahead AMA

I do Marketing for an India-based B2B SaaS startup. Ask me anything.

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